Relining Schedule Carmel Sewer Districts 1 and 3 Inflow and Infiltration Project

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Residents in the CSD 1 and CSD 3 service areas are advised that the Town of Carmel will be rehabilitating the sewer mains continuing through the week of May 15, 2017.  The rehabilitation to the system will provide a new, joint-less sewer pipe for your area that minimizes root and water infiltration problems, improves flow, and provides for a more structural sound pipe without the need for excavation. To accomplish this, there will be a temporary disruption of sewer service to your residence or business for a period of approximately 6 hours.


Please see the attached Notice and Location Map and Legend for additional details.  


Notice have been handed out to residences and business affected by this work.  Additional notices will be handed out 24 hours prior to work being performed.


If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Engineering Department at (845) 628-1500.

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