Comptroller's Office

The Town Comptroller's Office is the department within the Town of Carmel government chiefly responsible for recording and accounting for the financial activities of all Town government unit operations and for reporting the results of financial activities compared to the budget periodically and annually.

The department performs many specific functions including the following:

  • Recording department revenues and expenditures transactions
  • Monitoring financial activity compared to the approved operating budget
  • Reviewing and auditing all vendor claims submitted to the Town for payment
  • Controlling and recording the Town's fixed assets
  • Monitoring capital project budgets and expenditures
  • Monitoring and recording the employee payroll and benefits
  • Receiving, reviewing and recording purchase orders for services or materials rendered by vendors
  • Operating the electronic data processing system for the Town's water district services
  • Reporting financial results to regulatory agencies and State
  • Preparing the annual financial report of the Town's finances
  • Preparing normal operating and capital budgets 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mary Ann Maxwell Town Comptroller (845) 628-1500 x175
Michelle Tenefrancia Principal Account Clerk (845) 628-1500 x173
Michelle Russell Senior Account Clerk (845) 628-1500 x174