Environmental Conservation Board

The purpose of the Environmental Conservation Board (ECB) of the Town of Carmel is to protect, preserve, properly maintain and require prudent use of the wetlands, bodies of water and watercourses and their associated wildlife within the Town of Carmel.

Board members are qualified by their education in wildlife management, fisheries management, forestry, ecology and hydrology. They are experienced in flood protection, erosion control, wetland protection and preservation and conservation of the ecosystems. The board consists of five members appointed to the board for a three-year term by the Town Board.

The Environmental Conservation Board meets the first and third Thursday of every month at 7:30 P.M. at Town Hall. (All meetings are subject to change due to holidays, weather, etc.) Board members make field inspections of all sites where an application for a wetland permit has been submitted.

In addition to the Environmental Conservation Board protecting our wetlands, Town Engineer Richard Franzetti, PE, LEED,  is thoroughly familiar with all the wetlands and bodies of water within the Town of Carmel.

Any activity within 100 feet of a wetland requires a wetland permit.  The application, fee schedule and Wetland Ordinance are available from the Secretary to the ECB.

Please contact Rose Trombetta, Secretary to the Environmental Conservation Board, at the above address/phone number, with any questions.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Rose Trombetta (845) 628-1500 x190

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Laga Chairman
Nicholas Fannin Vice Chair
Edward Barnett Member
Anthony Federice Member
Nicole Sedran Member