Administrative Division


The Administrative Division is made up of a sergeant and five civilians.  The Detective Division consisting of one Lieutenant, one Detective Sergeant and three Detectives. The responsibilities of this division include:

Communications - The five civilians assigned to this division provide 24 hour service and are responsible to field all telephone, radio, teletype, and walk in inquiries from the public.  They initially record all requests for service and dispatch the appropriate resources to handle the problem at hand.  Without such qualified individuals the police department would not be able to function.

Records - The one civilian assigned to this task insure that the records are accurate and secured in order that this confidential information is given out only to those individuals that have authority to possess same as per New York State Law and the Freedom of Information Act legislated by the federal government.

Marine Patrol - The Town is graced with a 600-acre recreational lake, Lake Mahopac, which permits motor boats and jet skis boats to be driven on it.  The lake is heavily used throughout the summer, and officers assigned to this duty insure that the N.Y.S. Navigation Laws are adhered to so that everyone who utilizes the lake can have a safe and happy experience. 

Equipment and Supplies Procurement - The administrative division commander is assigned the task of procuring supplies and various equipment in order that police department personnel can accomplish their tasks efficiently and expeditiously.