Detective Division

The Detective Division is under the command of a Detective Sergeant and comprises three detectives.  The present division commander is Det. Sgt. Michael Nagle with 15 years of law enforcement experience. They provide daily services from 9 AM to 11 PM daily and are on-call on a 24 hour basis.  Their main function is to investigate crime; ascertain suspects; and make the appropriate arrests.  The length of these investigations may span several hours to several years in order to have sufficient evidence to make a lawful arrest.  Other services provided by members of the detective division are:

Youth Services - One of the detectives is a full time qualified youth officer, who primarily handles crimes perpetuated by juveniles ( those youths who are under the age of 16).  This detective is in charge of investigating and recovering missing juveniles.  This detective is primarily in charge of  the Bicycle Safety Class; coordinating the Nursery School Police Familiarization Program; and gives talks to eight grade students on the dangers of drug and alcohol usage.

Warrant Officer - One of the detectives is in charge of insuring that all the arrest warrants that are outstanding are accurate and that detective is responsible with follow up investigations in order to arrest those individuals.

Crime Prevention - All the detectives are assigned to various programs that attempt to inhibit crime.  Detectives are regularly assigned to civic association and neighborhood meetings to educate the public with regards to crime prevention.  Among the current programs sponsored by the detectives is Neighborhood Watch in which members of a neighborhood are brought together to be the "eyes and ears " of the police and are encouraged to call the police when suspicious persons or circumstances are witnessed.

Domestic Violence Liaison and Guidance - All domestic violence reports are reviewed by a detective to insure that department rules and regulations are followed with regards to these types of calls.  The detective calls the victims to follow-up and helps guide them to other community resources that may aid them in their situation.

Evidence Control - All evidence and found property brought into the police department is checked to ascertain if it has been catalogued correctly and is secured appropriately by two members of the detective division.  This responsibility is not taken lightly, since the chain of custody of evidence is necessary to insure a successful prosecution of a defendant.