Lake Mahopac Rules

All Boats & Personal Water Craft (P.W.C.) MUST:

  • Speed MUST be 5 MPH (NO WAKE) or less within 100 feet of Docks and Shore
  • A USCG Approved Life Jackets (PFD) is required for ALL persons
  • Under 12 Years Old----Must Have Life Jacket On
  • Skiers/Tubes/etc. MUST have an observer at least 10Years Old
  • No operation under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

Operator & Passengers of Personal Water Craft Also MUST:

  • MUST Wear USCG Approved Life Jacket
  • Only a person 14 years old or older with a Boating Safety Course Certification approved by NYS Parks may operate a personal water craft.
  • ALL Operators of PWC Must have a Boating Safety Course Certification approved by NYS Parks
  • Must have Cut-Off Cord on Body
  • Wake Jumping is Prohibited
  • All New York State & Carmel Town Laws will be Strictly Enforced by the Town of Carmel Police Department Marine Division